"Draw a huge lamprey wearing full-plate armor - like it’s just poking out where the helmet would be".
  2. Freestyle yamibitoes.

  3. Monsters are easier than correct humans.
  4. And the “Ripley outfit” version ;P
  5. Random pixel practice.
  6. New Tumblr Survival Horror Game



    Easy and FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check the intro here.

    And start playing here.

    You only have to choose the fate of the characters!

    Join the old Hazama School today!

    (Sorry for the spam but once more I want to do something artistic for the viewers, a game, AND FREE!!!!! It’s a crime not to join Hazama *w*)

  7. hazamaschool:

    Our partner Mizuki is somewhere inside this old school. The entrance it’s blocked and we can’t go back. Who goes first?




    (Respond  in this post to start the story).Who goes first?

  8. Random practice with SAI.
Now I’m scared… :__)
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